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MVP or Blue badge

Which one is better?! No doubt both are very excellent in the world of software development with Microsoft tools. So I feel very lucky because last month I touched both in one or another way:

  • In the beginning of September I got a request for more detailed contact information regarding a upcoming nomination for MVP Award. Although very pleased I couldn't accept such nomination as I already had accepted an offer from Microsoft for fulltime employment.
  • In the beginning of October 2008 I've started working for Microsoft as fulltime employee(or as a blue badge in local slang :) ). I am working as SDE in AdCenter and I will be creating solutions with favorite .NET Framework. No need to say that I am very excited and impatient to get into deep details in organization processes inside the biggest and most successful software company.
    I also relocated from Bulgaria to Seattle with my wife and we had the longest journey so far. The international relocation package is excellent and several teams work with us to facilitate the relocation and to make it as painless as possible. The friends here helped us a lot for getting acknowledged with the area and the lifestyle.
What does this mean for the blog?!

Well... I will keep it for sure!!! Microsoft supports such initiatives but definitely you won't read news here prior officially announced :) so Scott Guthrie will remain your preferred source of fresh news regarding development tools. There were some suggestions to move the blog on but I think I will keep it on


The photo album is also updated with various photos from our area exploration tours in Seattle/Redmond/Bellevue .

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  • Комшуто

    10/16/2008 8:32:59 AM | Reply

    Поздравления, Галчо!
    Страхотни снимки от Сиатъл.
    Радвам се за теб, дано там да намериш "The American Dream" Wink