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Cool commands for Visual Studio

Do you know the great Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008 add-in called CoolCommands and it written by Gaston Milano? It has some very nice features and it is very easy to get used to it. There is a little hassle to run it on VS 2008 but keep reading - on the bottom of this post are the required steps.

Here is what makes me use CoolCommands:

Locate in Solution Explorer

Expands solution explorer's tree in order to select opened file - very helpful with huge projects while 'Go to definition' command is used to jump from one project to another.


Demo Font

Quickly toggles between an 18-point font size and your preferred (Tools | Options | Environment | Fonts & Colors) font size. This is very handy shortcut for while you're giving a presentation.


Add As String Resource

Context menu item displayed in response to a right-click in a text editor window - Pops up a dialog to allow you to easily specify a key and value (defaults to the selected text), and a dropdown list of resource files to which you can add the new string resource.


These ones impressed me much but read about all the features on Brian Schoroer blog post.

Here is how to install:

Luckily there is version 4 and it supports Visual Studio 2008 but with little changes.

  1. Download v4.
  2. Extract it to a folder you won't delete later
  3. modify setup.bat to include this line
    regpkg CoolCommands.dll /root:Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\9.0 /codebase
  4. Run setup bat and it is done!