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Building a Volta Control : A Flickr Widget

Tanzim Saqib wrote a nice article about Microsoft Volta in which he gives step by step instructions on how to write a Flickr control that you can reuse  in your pages.

Microsoft Live Labs Volta is Microsoft's emerging toolset that enables developers to build multi-tier web applications by applying familiar .NET techniques and patterns. The intended use of this toolset is for Developers to build web application as .NET client application, and then specify the portions of the codes that will run on the client and server side. The compiler then creates cross browser JavaScript, Web Services, communication, serialization, security etc. to tie the tiers together. This article is based on the first CTP of Volta considering its current limitations. We will see how we can create a Volta control that the compiler can convert into an AJAX Widget without requiring us writing a single line of JavaScript code. We will write code in our very familiar C# language.

Interesting reading! Full Article.