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LINQ Tutorial is DONE!

I am proud to announce that the Tutorial for C# 3.0 and LINQ in Bulgarian is done. There is no more links to StayTuned page (at least it is not supposed to).

I hope my bulgarian colleagues will find it interesting and useful.

And the cherry of the cake - I included PDF file for download - you can find the link on the bottom of left menu on the tutorial.

Hope it helps!!!

Comments (3) -

  • Chris

    9/3/2007 4:44:37 PM | Reply

    The tutorial is very good ! Keep going Smile

    But why I always get 404-Not Found when I try to download the pdf version ?

  • Martin Kulov

    9/9/2007 10:43:18 PM | Reply

    It works for me now.

    GREAT WORK Galcho!

    Keep up the good work!