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Running ASP.NET 1.1 and 2.0 side by side

Today I installed .NET Framework Redist 2.0 onthe server. I am very excited about this. I waste about 3 hours on moving one ASP.NET project to ASP.NET 2.0 and at the end I wanted to place it on server so we could evaluate speed. And I got error. Can you imagine?

Then I did some googleing and I found this article which says:

You can configure individual virtual directories in the IIS to use different version. The IIS Management Console has a new tab called ASP.NET, see image below, in which you can select which version you would like to use, whithout doing a lot of script-mappings.

This makes it really easy to make new applications take usage of the new .NET Framework while your old applications still use the .NET 1.1.

Remote debugging ASP.NET application

I keep running into this problem - everytime I install my machine (which is not very often) I have to setup remote debugging. th emain problem is that I forgot steps for setup.

I will try to put them here (client computer only - one with VS.NET)

1. At a command prompt, type dcomcnfg, and then press ENTER. Component Services opens.
2. In Component Services, expand Component Services, expand Computers, and then expand My Computer.
3. On the toolbar, click the Configure My Computer button. The My Computer dialog box appears.
4. In the My Computer dialog box, click the COM Security tab.
5. Under Access Permission, click Edit Limits. The Access Permission dialog box appears.
6. Under Group or user names, click ANONYMOUS LOGON.
7. Under Permissions for ANONYMOUS LOGON, select the Remote Access check box, and then click OK.

Restart machine.

Note: I do this in PC behind firewall so WinXP SP2 firewall is stopped.If you need to run debugging with firewall see this 

Button Click Events not firing ? - ASP.NET

today I met very strange issue: website wroks well on local machine and test server but on production server all buttons stopped firing click event.

I did some googleing and found this article on

You may be unable to see the button click events firing on certain machines though it may work in some other machines.

Mostly when you are developing in your local system, the events do work well. But once you move the code to production, the button click events may not fire at all.

This might rise after you install the Microsoft .NET Framework Service Pack 1, which will stop the PostBack Events on client side validation.

To resolve this issue, the aspnet_client folder needs to be reinstalled. To do that type the following from command prompt:-

%windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\aspnet_regiis.exe -c

This should resolve the issue.

The above command applies to .NET Framework version 1.1. For 1.0, you need to change the version to v1.0.3705 in the above command.

Thanks you Harish Ranganathan!

Microsoft Office 2000 (v. 9.0 ) .NET Interop

I had to develop an application that uses Office components. I went to as hope this would help me in using MS Office objects. As I am with Ms Office XP on my development machine I had no problems.

The problems arised when I had to start testing whole application. As an requirement we support MS Office 2000 and my application should work on it.

Unfotunately there is quite big diffrence between these two version of Office systems and my program broke.

So I created this Office 2000 Primary Interop Assemblies (PIAs). Office2k PIA.exe (449.48 KB)

For more information about Office PIAs go on MSDN.